Who Should Teach Digital Citizenship?

Designer Librarian

Students need to become digital citizens in order to function in a digital world. I think we all recognize that, but teaching the skills that make up digital citizenship is a patchwork job in many of the schools that are addressing it. And some schools aren’t addressing digital citizenship at all.

Why is this? I think that part of the problem stems from the uncertainty of who is supposed to teach it. And therein lies the problem. Technology teachers that follow ISTE standards do address some aspects of digital citizenship. But, librarians are also important players in teaching it, as are other staff.

Who is most qualified to teach digital citizenship? To answer that question, I took a close look at how Mike Ribble’s 9 elements of digital citizenship line up to ISTE and AASL standards and came to some interesting conclusions. But before I discuss my findings, take a look at…

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