Digital terrain: Flight Paths by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph

Imagining the City

Flight Paths Front

In Writing Home: Poetry and Place in Northern Ireland, 1968-2008, Elmer Kennedy-Andrews notes that:

“Place is increasingly viewed as the product of global, interconnecting flows of peoples, cultures, and meanings – of routes rather than roots. Concepts of place that are essentialist and exclusionary, based on notions of rooted authenticity, homogenous territory, single identities and internally generated history have become increasingly unsustainable in the (post)modern world. The processes of globalization and migration are producing new sense of both placed and placeless identity, new relations between rootedness and mobility, centre and periphery, global and local” (8)

This concept of interconnectedness and crossed paths comes across most strongly in a work of digital fiction, Flight Paths, which is a crowdsourced, networked Internet novel produced by British writer Kate Pullinger and her collaborator-animator Chris Joseph. I’ve been looking at the ways in which virtual and digital space might remain vulnerable…

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